New region availability: Mobile Foundation service
  • Mobile Foundation
  • Sydney
    Washington DC
  • Description
    We are excited to announce the availability of the Mobile Foundation service in the US-East (Washington, DC) region. The service is now available in the following five regions:
    • US-East
    • US-South
    • United Kingdom
    • Germany
    • Sydney
    The ability to control the region of deployment for the Mobile Foundation service is important due to in-country regulations, latency reasons, or to ensure the availability in disaster situations.

    For an uninterrupted end-user experience on the device, it is imperative that the back-end of the application is highly available and reliable. While the service is highly available within a region, enterprises might expect high availability across regions to prevent downtime in case of disaster situations. With the service now available in the US-East region, you can set up a Highly Available and Disaster Recovery (HA-DR) topology with US-South and US-East for the mobile back-end. See the Build Resilient Backend to Your Applications Using IBM Cloud Mobile Foundation blog post for the detailed setup instructions.

    This information originated in the Mobile Foundation Service on IBM Cloud is Now Available in the US-East Region article within the IBM Cloud platform blog.