Maintenance: Db2 Warehouse service (Frankfurt fra02 and London lon02 Data Centers only)
  • Db2 Warehouse
  • London
  • 886883
  • Description
    Update Description: The IBM Db2 Warehouse service will undergo scheduled maintenance in the Frankfurt and London data centers only. This deployment is a content update with a new Db2 Warehouse web console, Db2 engine, a new Aspera license, and a security maintenance update.

    Maintenance Duration: 180 minutes

    Type of Disruption: Running applications and existing service instances

    Disruption Description: If you are specifically assigned to the fra02 and lon02 data centers, as found in your connection host name, you will be affected by this maintenance period. All other instances are not affected. If your service instance is assigned to one of the affected data centers, all services will be offline in your Db2 Warehouse on Cloud instance.

    Disruption Duration: 180 minutes

    User Impact Description: Existing applications and user processes connecting to the database engine will continue to operate normally after the update is completed.