RESOLVED: Emergency Maintenance - Migration of internal components
  • App Connect
  • London
  • INC0728850
  • Description


    - App Connect



    - During this maintenance window, essential, required maintenance will occur. This maintenance is expected to cause a disruption to the user interface and the running of flows that are implemented with the App Connect service. 

    - You will not see any changes as a result of this update as it impacts the internal infrastructure only.

    - There will be a single period of 15 minutes at approx 12:30 UTC when the migration occurs and services are restarted. The user interface will be inaccessible and user flows will not be invoked for the duration of the maintenance process.



    - 2019-04-09 09:56 UTC - IDENTIFIED - The operations is aware of the situation and working on the issue


     - 2019-04-09 12:40 UTC - RESOLVED - The operations team has resolved the issue