Apply a security update to Db2 (primary nodes only)
  • Db2
  • Frankfurt
  • 935576, 935574
  • Description
    Update Description: The Db2 service will undergo scheduled maintenance to deploy a security update with a new operating system kernel. Also, an operating system reboot will occur to install these new component levels. Existing applications and user processes that connect to the database engine will continue to operate normally after the update is completed.

    This update includes the primary nodes only. Disaster recovery nodes will not be impacted.

    A separate notification email will be sent to the primary site's Org owners to communicate which node is being updated at the time.

    Maintenance Duration: 240 minutes

    Type of Disruption: Console access, running applications, and existing service instances

    Disruption Description: If the primary node is a high availability cluster, it will not experience any down time. However, if the primary node is a single node, the database will not be available. It is advised that you failover to the disaster recovery site for the database and applications to be available.

    Disruption Duration: 240 minutes