New Standard Plan and Lite plan updates: Watson Knowledge Catalog
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    As of September 28, 2018, we offer a new standard plan for the Knowledge Catalog service and have updated the existing Lite plan to provide additional capabilities, including data governance features across all plans.

    The Knowledge Catalog service powers the intelligent, self-service discovery of data, models, and more for analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. You can access, curate, categorize, and share data, knowledge assets, and their relationships wherever they reside.

    What’s changing?
    The Knowledge Catalog service is currently available with a no-cost Lite plan. It is also available with a Professional plan, which is an enterprise version with additional capabilities and entitlements.
    • The Lite plan updates include governance features and usage limits. These changes allow Lite plan users to test drive advanced capabilities, which were previously available in the paid plans only.
    • The middle-tier Standard plan builds on the Lite plan and lets you catalog your data, discover new data sources, and offer your knowledge workers, business analysts, and data scientists a true shop-for-data experience. The plan includes business glossary terms, governance policies, data lineage, and integration with the IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog. The integration enables you to seamlessly sync your metadata between Watson Knowledge Catalog and the Information Governance Catalog. The plan also includes a generous amount of capacity unit hours to process data preparation flows and profiling activities.
    • The Professional plan continues to offer a broad set of capabilities and entitlements in Watson Knowledge Catalog. The pricing for the professional plan has not changed.
    When do the changes take effect?
    The updated Lite plan and the new Standard plan became available on September 28, 2018. If you already have the Lite plan, updates have occurred automatically. Your existing assets and catalog users remain unchanged. However, if you have exceeded the user and asset limits, you will not be able to add more users or assets. In that case, you can remove users and assets until you are below the usage limits or you can upgrade to the standard or professional plan.

    How do you change or upgrade your plan?
    You can change or upgrade your plan through your IBM Cloud Dashboard. Click your existing Watson Knowledge Catalog service, go to the Plan tab, and select a new plan.

    Where can you find more information?
    To learn more about Watson Knowledge Catalog, see our main product page. For information on the differences between the three Knowledge Catalog plans, see the Introducing Watson Knowledge Catalog Standard Plan article within the IBM Cloud platform blog.