Introducing a single IBM Cloud Platform account and billing management experience
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    Managing your account and billing can be a chore even when things go smoothly. When things are “less than efficient,” it takes time out of your day and keeps you from the business of your business. As we have worked to merge our IBM Bluemix and IBM SoftLayer offerings into a unified IBM Cloud console, some management tasks became laborious because you had to switch back and forth between two user interfaces. We are pleased to announce that the IBM Cloud platform has integrated all SoftLayer customer portal functionality. As a result, we have significantly improved the way you can navigate and manage your account.

    Now that we have streamlined some things, your ability to clearly and quickly find the account management settings, billing preferences, and profile data is now much easier. We took a long hard look at our original page and realized that we desperately need to make things more seamless. Now, you can view and update all of the global settings for your IBM Cloud account within a single section of a single console without having to contact IBM Cloud Support.

    You will find three major areas of interest in the Manage menu that are included in the IBM Cloud console menu bar: Account, Billing and usage, and Access (IAM). Within these areas, you can complete various tasks including:
    • Track the interactions of each user within the console.
    • Update your company profile information including your phone number and your primary contact email address.
    • Track device upgrades, orders, and cancellations
    • Determine the status of incoming data transfer requests to our data centers from you, our customer.
    • Export your usage data as a CSV file so you can manage it in the tool of your choice.
    • Select multiple resource groups or Cloud Foundry organizations to roll up usage data across the sets of your choice.
    • View additional data at the service, plan, and instance level of every platform resource in your account.
    • Get easy access to all payment records for your account and quickly and easily update your payment information.
    • Export your invoices data in a variety of formats to manage it in the accounting software that you choose. You can download your invoices in the PDF format for record keeping.
    • Keep an eye on your active infrastructure resources and the associated charges before they are reflected in your invoice.
    For more information, including graphical representations of these changes, see the Bringing It All Together: A Single Account and Billing Management Experience article within the IBM Cloud platform blog.