New service: IBM Cloud Databases for MongoDB is now available!
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    We are announcing the general availability of the IBM Cloud Databases for MongoDB in the Dallas, Frankfurt, London, Oslo, Sydney, Tokyo, and Washington D.C regions. This database-as-a-service product is fully managed, highly available service that is built from the ground up with enterprise security in mind. The service is scalable, cost-efficient, and readily usable for enterprise application development.

    With this new service, you can scale storage and RAM seamlessly and independently without being constrained by the limits of server sizes. There is no downtime for scaling events, which enables you to start small and grow as your business grows, or scale down operations for seasonal applications. The database deploys in minutes, is billed hourly, and is a simple API call away.

    Database disk capacity is $0.58/GB-month and RAM is $8.50/GB-month. The Databases for MongoDB service deploys, by default, with two data members that are configured for high availability. For localized pricing, you can see the IBM Cloud catalog tile.

    Databases for MongoDB pricing example:
    • 10 GB Disk: 2*10*$0.58 = $11.60/month
    • 1 GB RAM: 2*1*$8.50 = $17/month
    • Total per month = $28.60/month
    • Total per hour = $0.04/hour
    You also receive your total disk space purchased, per database, in free backup storage. For example, in a month, if you have a Databases for MongoDB instance that has provisioned 10 GB of disk that has two data members, you receive 20 GB of backup storage free for that month. If your backup storage utilization is greater than 20 GB for the month in this scenario, each GB is charged at an overage $0.03/month. Most deployments will not ever go over the allotted credit.

    The IBM Cloud Databases family is the next generation of our IBM Compose platform. It is recommended that any users of IBM Compose who are building new applications should deploy using the Databases for MongoDB service instead of the Compose for MongoDB service.

    For more information, see the IBM Cloud Databases for MongoDB is Generally Available article within the IBM Cloud platform blog.